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Mobile automation, as the name suggests, refers to ‘automation’ that is done on mobile devices. Automation is the process whereby one automates testing of an application – in this case a mobile application – which can be a WAP site or an app. This can be done by using tools and helps in reducing the testing time cycle.

To run mobile tests, Appium is used instead of Selenium. There are 2 versions of Appium: desktop and console ones, and both are good. Appium must be running every time before the test run.

Mobile automation can be done using many tools – some are paid, while some are open source.

Following are some commonly-used mobile automation tools.

  • Appium
  • Frank
  • Robotium
  • Selendroid
  • UI Automator

Our Mobile Testing Life Cycle

Key services provided by
PerfectQA include:

  • Automation Assessment, Advisory & Transformation Services
  • Automation Testing Tool Feasibility
  • Automation Framework Development
  • Automation Test Suite Development & Maintenance
  • Custom Test Harness Development

Key Agile-based test automation
activities include:

  • Small & lean tests to lower maintenance
  • Loose coupling of tests & data
  • Periodic reviews to ensure test suites are “green”
  • Analyzing opportunities for in-sprint and delayed automation
  • Supporting execution of multiple regression tests during each sprint
  • Maintenance of an automation backlog and prioritize candidate test cases
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