Manual Testing

Manual software test is the reliable in all methods. Automated tests may neither be able to show up a slight error in any data nor can it combined through the files in a detail which may result in missing out a minor mistake.

Though initially, it may be a very slight error, in the long run, it may turn out to be a thorn in the path and create menace for all the functions the software tends to present. We, at PerfectQA, are here to check the quality of the software essentially and then check the conditions and characteristics of the software manually. Hence, Manual Software Testing process means a complete and 100% surety of having the best-tested software in your hand.

is the only one option during the initial stage of the application. When the application is in regression phase and stable then the user can automate the basic functions within the application. In an unstable build if the user automate something in the next changed builds that will surely break. Moreover, it has been observed most of good defects are found by doing some exploratory kind of testing instead of just going through the test steps written as a test case. So test automation cannot substitute the experience and underlying knowledge of the tester to find good bugs in the application.

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