IOS App Testing

QA Services

PerfectQA’s is a holistic mobile app testing solution covering all aspects of mobile app quality- functional, automation, performance and security testing service across various platforms, devices and carriers. With a razor sharp focus on end user experience, our service of mobile application testing helps customers to gain confidence that software applications function as intended on devices or platforms that are used by their end users.

We covers the following services

  • Device Compatibility Testing for Mobile apps (android and iOS)
  • Mobile Application Test Automation
  • Mobile App Performance and Security Testing

Mobile app testing & QA – challenges

However road to mobile transformation is challenging particularly when it comes to assuring and maintaining quality of your app on mobile platforms.

  • How to test the app on multiple mobile devices (varied form factors) & multiple platforms?
  • How to check the compatibility of app to the latest OS platform release?
  • How to validate end to end scenarios involving web mobile and legacy systems?
  • How to validate scenarios that have carrier Network dependency?
  • Can you or your mobile application testing companies test fast enough with each release of your app to ensure 100% business assurance?
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