Deployment Automation vs. Build Automation

In this era where technology is rapidly evolving, a lot of time is spent to build, test, deploy your code from Development to a Test environment to Production. This is where Deployment and Build automation comes into the picture. Before you deploy and test your code, you will develop and build/compile the code first. So

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Debugging Protractor Tests for Selenium Test Automation.

Debugging is a process to make sure that your tests run in the decided manner. So let us see our ways to help you debug Protractor tests. End to end testing is essential to applications to ensure their quality. Addressing bugs and issues is ensured by this. Step by Step debug is the way to

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Why Outsourcing App Testing Is A Great Idea?

If you are into the field of software testing and having double thoughts about getting your app testing outsourced then what you are going to read next is definitely going to be an eye opener. App User Retention: Before we move ahead it is important for you to know about App User Retention. App User

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