Appium Image Recognition For Mobile Game Testing

Appium is a framework which is able to scale across different use cases with any problem. Various mobile games today are tested on Appium and Image Recognition Platform. All in all, this is a very efficient and effortless way to create test cases for mobile games and graphic-based content. In this article, we will look

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Where to begin Mobile Automation with ?

Learn methodologies to maintain a strategic distance from objective uprooting and stir, and where in your procedure you should execute automation. Where do you start with mobile automation? The methodology I see regularly is to step through a lot of exam cases, give them to a gathering of automators, and let them work through the

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Automating Testing Of Mobile Application By Employing Selenium:

Selenium suite is a collection of software testing tools, which is used to automate web browser testing. Open source testing tool like Selenium is used for functional and regression testing. As a tester it is a sure fact that you must have come across Selenium. But, Can Selenium Be Used To Automate Mobile Application Testing?

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