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Automation testing helps in conducting tests in a shorter period when compared to manual testing and achieves quick time-to-market. You can now build your own tailored testing solution and earn higher ROI. We provide software test automation services with expertise and technology proficiency to boost client’s productivity while reducing conversion efforts and risks associated with the transition. we leverage functional automation testing to give you test results while using the manual testers of exceptional experience to cull out the subtle bugs thereby providing results-driven testing solutions.

The modern needs of Software test automation have become complex. A Software architecture that extends to multiple platforms, communication layers, devices and domain-specific functional and security needs have made manual testing

inadequate to test all nodes of Software functionality and performance. A true automation strategy must reach the critical areas of the Software, both seen and unseen, and discover defects or deviations.

PerfectQA uses project appropriate tools and techniques. Wherever standard tools are inadequate, we use custom scripting to enhance the automation coverage. Our automation test results are captured in such a way that they become a source of information for developers to quickly diagnose the underlying problems.

Our automation strategy goes beyond automating test cases. It covers the entire gamut of self-sustaining execution and reporting activity supported by Continuous Integration.

Key services provided by
PerfectQA include:

  • Automation Assessment, Advisory & Transformation Services
  • Automation Testing Tool Feasibility
  • Automation Framework Development
  • Automation Test Suite Development & Maintenance
  • Custom Test Harness Development

Key Agile-based test automation
activities include:

  • Small & lean tests to lower maintenance
  • Loose coupling of tests & data
  • Periodic reviews to ensure test suites are “green”
  • Analyzing opportunities for in-sprint and delayed automation
  • Supporting execution of multiple regression tests during each sprint
  • Maintenance of an automation backlog and prioritize candidate test cases
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