About Us

For more than 10 years Perfect QA has helped clients create world-class digital experiences. We’ve delivered over 1,000 projects tested by our Indi-Canadian-based team who ensure that products are reliable, intuitive, and built to the highest standard.

From one specialist tester to a scalable team of test analysts, we find the right approach to fit your requirement. At Perfect QA, our highly communicative team takes pride in its flexible, dependable and adaptable approach, providing consistency and continuity for all our clients.


Our services and solutions combine best practice processes, adherence to the highest quality management and control accreditations, and are built around unrivalled expertise and experience. We ensure that our customers maximise the business value of their applications, drive innovation and growth, increase efficiency and agility, and mitigate risk.


We have an open, honest approach focused on mutually agreed outcomes and shared risk, guaranteeing focus, flexibility and a “can do” commitment. We are consistent, we are honest and we hold ourselves to account. We deliver results and, through integrity, we build trust with our customers, partners and people.

Our Clients

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